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Please note that towards the end of this post there will be NSFW material listed. If you do not like such works, please STOP reading when the warning message and signs appear⚠⚠⚠.

The purpose of the following text is to be a guide to people in the future who are seeking Seduce Me content by Michaela Laws. Most of her works can be found on Tumblr but require effort in order to be found. I do understand that people find long text works hard to read, have a hard time following detailed instructions, and must use time wisely time as there are more important priorities in life. So, for those who find difficulties with the instructions below you can search for my username on Blogger [blogspot]. On my Blogger I have a page called “GUIDE to find” that INCLUDES all text you see here as well as A REFERENCE section at the bottom with credit links to each story I have found. Bear in mind, my intention is to give credit back to the original author and TO HELP OTHERS FIND HER WORKS THEMSELVES. So, if you are interested in Michaela Laws’s stories about the Seduce Me characters, please follow the instructions below! Thank you for reading and let’s get started.


For Tumblr users = use the Tumblr Archive feature
1. Go to her @vamichaelalaws Tumblr url webpage.

2. At the top of her Tumblr webpage (Navigation bar) hit the word “Archive”

3. At the top of the Archive page (Navigation bar) click the word “Post Type”. Change/scroll down to the word “Photo” or “Text”

4. If you know the date the work was created, look at the top of the Archive page (Navigation bar) for the word “Month”. Change/click for the month and year of the post you desire to see.

For Non-Tumblr users = Google, Tumblr webpage search bar, clicking, & scrolling
1. Google “vamichaelalaws Tumblr”

2. Click the link that reads the words [no spaces] “h t t p s: // vamichaelalaws . tumblr . com”

3. At the top of vamichaelalaws Tumblr webpage (Navigation bar) there should be a search bar

4. In the vamichaelalaws Tumblr search bar, type the name of the work you are looking for

5. IF the story is NOT on the first page, scroll down to the bottom to find the NEXT button.

6. Once you find the story, there will be a bar ABOVE the POST with details related to the post. On that bar CLICK the word “NOTES”.

I say this because notes are a standard Tumblr word. Remember these instructions are for non-Tumblr users who are probably unfamiliar with the terms and variations of post types on Tumblr. Also, I phrase things this way because the link for “keep reading” sometimes leads to an “Untitled Tumblr not found” webpage. This is because Miss Laws had changed her username from thebunnyofevil to vamichaelalaws, meaning old links are broken.

*Please let me know if there is a better way to word these instructions! Thank you and I hope this helps the community*


I have listed the details about each of the stories so that people will know what titles or pictures to look out for.

Title: It’s All Coming Back To Me

<attention> Non-Tumblr users type into Tumblr search bar “Coming Back To Me”.

Post Type: Text

Month: April 17, 2015

Characters: Mika. MENTIONS: Sam.

Rating: General

“A purposefully painful canon description of what happens if you let the boys go and become curious once again.” (Laws It’s all coming back to me.)

Title: Yes, My Lady

Post Type: Text

Month: April 05, 2015

Documented Parts: Part 1 & Part 2

Characters: Seduce Me AU & Black Butler Crossover. MAIN CHARACTERS: Mika, Incubaes, Naomi, and Suzu. MENTIONS: Ciel and Sebastian.

Rating: Teen. Mentions word naked, but she is just changing clothes.

Title: The Taint of Lilith

Post Type: Photo

Month: November 9, 2015

<attention> Tumblr account @thegrandlibraryofyggdrasil is a little account by Michaela Laws and holds lore of the Seduce Me World.

Photo DESCRIPTION: Black background. Purple sketch outline of Diana’s demon markings from neck to torso.

Characters: Lilith, Race called “Demons of Lilth”

Rating: Teen. Mentions word blood and breed.

Title: Sweet Flower

Post Type: Photo.

Month: February 23, 2015

Photo DESCRIPTION: Black background. The text reads Sweet Flower and has an image of a realistic peach that is saturated purple.

Documented Parts: Prologue & Chapter 1

Characters: James & Diana

Rating: Teen. For me, the description of sexual tension in Chapter 1 is weird, uncomfortable, and not sexy.

<attention> I feel like this story was meant to show James calling out Diana’s behavior than a steamy moment between the two of them.

p.s. There is another post that I feel could have been a continuation of Sweet Flower. However, her own tags below the post say that the work is a what-if situation from Seduce Me The Otome. The topic in question is a text post published on May 3, 2017, with the title of “Just to twist a knife a little bit… (Non-Canon SM)”. This post has tags that read a”Non-Canon” moment of when “James breaks Ezaeur’s Heart” in “SeduceMeOtome” (Laws). Unfortunately, If you do not have a Tumblr account this post does not show up when searched. Conversely, if you do have a Tumblr account you would need to sift through text posts in Miss Laws Tumblr Archive to find the title manually.

⚠⚠STOP! Everything beyond this point is NSFW content! I am listing it here because I do not want people to consider her work missing from Tumblr!!⚠⚠



Title: FIVE

Post Type: Photo

Month: April 26, 2015

Non-Tumblr user instructions= Google search
1. Google search “FIVE thebunnyofevil tumblr”

2. Look for “tumblr . com > cassiereyes245” or phrase “Miss Pigtails on Tumblr”

3. Click title “Miss Pgitails on Tumblr”.

4. Link will bring you to a reblogged “FIVE” click the USERNAME vamichaelalaws LOCATED ABOVE the PHOTO. <attention> Photo DESCRIPTION: black background with a white outline sketch of a hand holding/adorned with 5 colored rings.

Title “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? Saero Angst Fic

<attention> Non-Tumblr users type into the search bar: How Am I Supposed to Live

Post Type: Text

Month: September 24, 2016

Characters: Saero. MENTIONS: Diana, Mika, Incubae, & Demon War Generals.

Rating: Explicit. MAJOR CHARACTERS DEATH, Mental Anguish

The Invisible Children (Special Case: Explicit)

preface\\ In my quest for her works, I used the Tumblr search bar on vamichaelalaws Tumblr webpage both when I was logged in and logged out. I have found that the works listed below do not show up when I try to find them using the search bar. So, I can only infer that these works can only be accessed by Tumblr users. For a Tumblr user to find these works they must be willing to sift through the PHOTOS in Miss Laws’s Tumblr Archive. Therefore, I consider these works hard to find and easy to miss.

Title: Addiction

Post Type: Photo

Month: February 16, 2015

Photos DESCRIPTION: TOP= screenshot of Tumblr ask box that reads “Anonymous said: can you even smut?”. BELOW= Tenor gif by rorodeezy #Oh-girl #I-Got-This #RPDR #oogirl #RuPaul [TENOR GIFDETAILS. file size: 699KB, duration: 1.600 sec, dimensions: 398×222, created:5/22/2018]

Characters: James x Reader

Rating: Explicit. Bondage.

Title: Wrapped

Post Type: Photo

Month: February 19, 2015

Photo DESCRIPTION: Black background. Light pink sketch outline of a female being held open by dark red tendrils. Dark red sketch outline of with no shirt Erik between her legs.

Characters: Erik X Reader. BRIEF SIDE CHARACTERS: Incubi brothers

Rating: Explicit. Tendrils & Bondage

Title: Love Me Baby Baby

Post Type: Photo

Month: February 24, 2015

Photo DESCRIPTION: Black background. Light purple outline female holding onto the blue outline of Matthew in regular clothes. A light purple female has one visible heel on her left leg and a panty is hanging off her right leg.

Characters: Matthew x Reader

Rating: Explicit. Public Sex, Rough Sex, Clever/Jealous/Possessive Matthew

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