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Brief history of “Seduce Me The Otome” by Michaela Laws

The Seduce Me series was started by Michaela Law’s first game called Seduce Me The Otome released in 2015. The story of the Seduce Me series is divided into Seduce Me The OtomeSeduce Me 2 The Demon WarSeduce Me the Episode Series, and the “After Ever After” Seduce Me Otome CD. Additionally, there is Seduce Me The Completed Story which gives you all the content listed above along with lore and backstory of the Seduce Me universe. However, Seduce Me The Otome and Seduce Me the Episode Series are the two which are free to download and play.

As mentioned, Seduce Me The Otome is free-to-download and play, but there are a few more attraction points to this series starter. First, the game is a reverse harem but 18+ choices do not affect the affection of the love interest towards the player (Laws, Seduce Me the Otome by Michaela Laws)! Second, the game has full good English voice acting! It was a welcomed surprise since most of the otome games I have played are silent or have foreign language audio recordings. Third, the setting is in humble Chicago and does not drag the protagonist into a fully fantastical world. I highly recommend people play Seduce Me The Otome before stumbling upon my blog so they are not confused. When you finish playing Seduce Me The Otome, go check out the many hidden story gems written by the creator and other Seduce Me fans! Some fan works can be found on Tumblr, Archive Of Our Own,, Wattpad, and DeviantArt just to name the places I am aware of. Anyway, I am starting to digress off the topic, how about I tell you a bit of an introduction!

This introduction is a rearrangement of the summary listed on Steam! As such I have formatted it to be a quote and have provided citations below this work.

The protagonist of Seduce Me The Otome is a female senior in high school named Mika Anderson, who is about to receive one shocking news after another. Mika is the granddaughter of Harold Anderson, CEO & founder of the famous toy company Anderson Toys. One day she receives news of her grandfather’s passing and learns she inherited his estate. Upon hearing this her “father suggests Mika move”(Laws Seduce Me the Otome on Steam) into the mansion the day after the funeral! What’s more shocking is when she arrives, she is met with 5 wounded men who claim to be incubi! Out of pity, kindness, or some luck of crazy Mika allows the boys to live with her until they recuperate and get rid of their pursuers (Laws Seduce Me the Otome on Steam).

(Laws Seduce Me the Otome on Steam).

Additionally, I have provided links to Seduce Me The Otome on and Steam in case you are interested in checking out Mika’s story. But, before you go I should warn you that the Seduce Me series mentions topics of death, rape, emotional abuse, and power-hungry behavior! link for “Seduce Me The Otome” by Michaela Laws

Steam link for “Seduce Me The Otome” by Michaela Laws

As per most otome games, our job as the player is either to help Mika become independent or find romance! Thanks for reading this brief history of Seduce Me The Otome!



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